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Pi Network: KYC remains the major huddle to mainnet launch

Pi Network provided an update on the project’s KYC development and described what Pioneers should expect moving forward.

The Pi Network blog from December 6 described the enhancements made to the KYC process, the following steps, and the overall priorities. This was the team’s first significant update since July 2022.

The Pi Network staff is able to quickly KYC millions of Pioneers thanks to better automation. The Pi team’s primary goal is to assist users who are currently going through the KYC process in finishing it.

The KYC advancement entails enhancing and broadening the procedure while simplifying the KYC process for users. Additionally, the team is attempting to unblock the growing number of stalled applications.

The KYC work is not only about scaling and allowing people to pass but also to ensure that overall KYC goals are achieved—to let real Pioneers in different countries and regions pass KYC as accurately and safely as possible while preventing as many fake accounts as possible,” the blog post writes.

For all Pioneers to enter the Pi Mainnet, they must first complete the KYC procedure. The Pi Network team identified three key areas of focus for the KYC development:

  • Improve the KYC app.
  • Improve communication with users going through the KYC process.
  • Increase and accelerate KYC to the growing number of Pi users.

The blog listed ecosystem expansion and KYC as two major priorities for 2023. The team requested your patience as it worked with its millions of members spread out around the world.


Written by T.I Ukende

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