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How young Nigerians are making N32,000 on the sunsolar platform

Young Nigerians are flooding the investment platform daily where most of them are able to earn as huge as N32k on a daily basis, though based on the investment plan one may opt for. is a Chinese company that specializes in providing solar power solutions to homes and businesses. The company recently sited it’s African head office in Nigeria and most Nigerians are utilizing the platform for their personal honest gains daily.[irp]

I’m quite sure you realize that there are some solar power companies e.g MTN Nigeria, that is controlled in view of Membership subscriptions or progressive installments. What I actually mean by progressive installment is that as opposed to following through on the actual cost of the solar power gadgets when you are purchasing it, you may be allowed to pay little of the sum and afterward keep paying a rate consistently while some pay for Memberships to utilize a certain solar power engines.

How the works?

The sunPower investment platform has some amazing investment packages that interested people may choose from. The packages are designed based on the type and number of solar panels involved.

1. Cheetah HC 68M: This is a package you can buy for as low as N8,000 and start earning N11.5 per hour. The company claimed about 80629 of the plan has been subscribed.[irp]

2. Cheetah HC 72M: This is a package you can pay for as low as N10,000 and immediately begin to earn as much as N12.3 per hour and N295.2 per day while you continue to smile with N2,066.4 in your digital wallet every week for as long as your stake remains.

3. Tiger Bifacial: The Tiger Bifacial is a solar panel that one may pay need to pay for as much as N30,000 to stake and thereafter begin to earn N36.8 per hour and N883.2 per day.

There are many packages you can choose from when you Sign Up on the platform.

How to Register or Sign Up

Signing Up to become a member is quite simple as the steps involved are not hard to follow. To register, click on the link below to supply your personal details 👇👇


Written by T.I Ukende

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