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Davido & Wizkid Head for a Joint Musical Tour in 2024

When it comes to music, there are few rivalries as heated as Davido and Wizkid. With both singers dominating the African music space, fans have been eagerly awaiting a collaboration.

That day may soon come as Davido opened up about his relationship with Wizkid in a recent interview with Beat 99.9FM, Lagos. Davido said that the two of them have been friends for many years now and that Wizkid checks up on him every week.

The DMW boss went on to confirm that the two of them will be embarking on a joint tour in 2024. While no dates or venues have been released yet, this news is sure to excite fans looking forward to an amazing performance by both superstars.

Davido also hinted at an upcoming collaboration between him and the Starboy honcho – a prospect that has already excited fans who are hoping for an epic collaboration that is sure to make waves in Africa and beyond.

Davido’s Interview on Beat FM

In his recent interview on Beats FM Lagos, Davido opened up about the current state of his relationship with Wizkid. The DMW boss expressed that he and Wizkid were indeed very close, with Wizkid always checking up on him via calls twice a week.

Furthermore, to the delight of fans, Davido also confirmed that the two are planning a joint tour for 2024 – highlighting the power of collaboration within the industry and setting high expectations for what is to come from their joint tour. Although not much has been revealed about the planned tour yet, fans are looking forward to seeing how these two heavyweights in Nigerian music will surprise them together.

The singer elaborated on the nature of their friendship, detailing how encouraging Wizkid has been throughout their years of collaboration:

“He’s been one of the inspirations behind what I do and for most artistes out there.”

What’s more, Davido hinted at an upcoming collaboration between them, saying:

“Our collaboration is still coming soon and it won’t be something you guys will forget soon. Trust me!!!”

This joint tour promises to be one for the books – fans can look forward to some amazing vibes bouncing off two of Nigeria’s biggest music stars of this generation!

2024 Joint Tour Confirmed by Davido

Davido officially confirmed a joint tour between him and Wizkid in 2024 during a recent interview with Beat FM. This will be the first official tour from both artists, giving fans an exclusive chance to experience their favorite artist performing together.

The Nigerian singer also revealed that the Starboy honcho checks up on him weekly via calls and that the two are good friends. This makes the upcoming tour even more exciting for their millions of fans around the world who are eager for a unique experience.

The collaboration is sure to be an event to remember, thanks to Davido and Wizkid’s distinct sounds and styles, combined under one roof. There is no doubt that it will be one of the biggest music events ever seen in Nigeria, further cementing their places in music history.

The Upcoming Collaboration Between Both Singers

The collaboration, which is set to be released next year, will define a new style of hip-hop, which will bring two of the most influential artists in Nigeria and the world together. Fans have been speculating about the collaboration for months and it is finally time for everyone to get their answers.

Davido hinted at a “whole new sound” between himself and Wizkid, saying that their joint tour next year will be an unforgettable experience for their fans. He also emphasized that this collaboration will be unlike anything Nigeria has ever seen before.

In anticipation for the upcoming collaboration, Davido shared some clips from their studio sessions on his social media accounts. With Wizkid’s melodic vocals and Davido’s colorful rap verses, it’s sure to be a track worthy of adding to your playlist.

Get ready to witness two of the biggest stars in Nigerian music history come together on one stage in 2024 – it’s sure to be an event you won’t want to miss!


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