Mainnet Preparation: Certik Certifies Pi Network’s Security Ahead of Mainnet Launch

In preparation for the highly anticipated Pi Network mainnet launch, Certick has successfully completed a comprehensive security audit on the Pi Network. The audit report reveals that the network has achieved an impressive security score of 67.89BB, affirming the project’s commitment to safeguarding user data and ensuring a secure platform for its users.

Certick, a leading blockchain security firm, conducted a survey to determine if they should assist the Pi Network Core Team by conducting an audit on the platform. In a remarkable display of community involvement, Pioneers of the Pi Network actively participated in the survey and overwhelmingly voted in favor of Certick carrying out the audit.

Certik’s Security Score is a holistic evaluation that assesses a project’s real-time security posture by analyzing both on-chain and off-chain data. It examines various crucial aspects to provide an overall assessment of a project’s security measures. The Pi Network has excelled in several key areas evaluated by the Certik audit team, including Fundamental Health, Community Trust, Market Stability, Governance Strength, Operational Resilience, and Code Security.

The Pi Network scored an impressive 70.00 in Fundamental Health, reflecting the project’s robust foundation and overall health. Community Trust, another essential factor, was awarded an outstanding score of 90.76, signifying the high level of trust and confidence the Pi Network has garnered among its community members. Market Stability received a commendable score of 89.42, indicating the network’s resilience to market fluctuations.

Governance Strength, which evaluates the project’s ability to make effective decisions and implement community-driven initiatives, achieved a score of 30.00. The Pi Network aims to address this area of improvement to enhance its governance mechanisms before the mainnet launch. Operational Resilience, which measures the network’s ability to withstand operational challenges, received an impressive score of 89.53. Lastly, Code Security, a crucial aspect in protecting users from potential attacks, obtained a score of 40.00, highlighting areas that require further attention.

A screenshot of the Pi Network audit on the Certick platform

The Certik audit team meticulously evaluated all the features offered by the Pi Network from a user security perspective. Their objective was to ensure that Pi Network users are adequately protected against phishing attempts, scams, and other malicious activities.

As the Pi Network approaches its mainnet launch, the completion of the Certik security audit instills confidence among users and investors alike. With a strong security foundation and a commitment to continuous improvement, the Pi Network is positioning itself as a secure and reliable platform within the blockchain industry.

SOURCE: Certik

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