Catholic Bishop of Gboko Diocese Visits Mother of Late Rev. Fr. James MOTI in Touching Gesture of Support

The Catholic Bishop of Gboko diocese in Benue State of Nigeria, Most Reverend William Avenya, made headlines today as he paid a visit to the mother of the late Rev. Fr. James MOTI. The bishop was accompanied by his assistant secretary.

Rev. Fr. James MOTI was a beloved member of the Gboko diocese community who passed away recently, leaving behind many grieving friends and family members. His death has been felt deeply throughout the diocese and beyond, as he was known for his kind heart, his devotion to his faith, and his tireless work in service of God.

The visit from Most Reverend William Avenya was a touching gesture of support for the family of Rev. Fr. James MOTI. The bishop and his assistant secretary spent time speaking with the late priest’s mother, offering their condolences and sharing stories about Rev. Fr. James MOTI’s life and legacy in the priesthood.

During the visit, Most Reverend William Avenya expressed his deep sadness at the loss of such a beloved priest. He also offered his prayers and support to the family, reminding them that they are not alone in their grief.

The mother of Rev. Fr. James MOTI was deeply moved by the visit, thanking the bishop and his assistant secretary for taking the time to offer their condolences and support. She spoke of her son’s dedication to his faith and his love for the church, saying that he would have been honored by the bishop’s visit if he were alive.

The visit from Most Reverend William Avenya is just one example of the compassion and support that the Gboko diocese community has shown in the wake of Rev. Fr. James MOTI’s passing. As they continue to mourn his loss, they are reminded of the love and care that surrounds them, both from their fellow members and from the leadership of the Catholic Church.

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