Bitkada’s Exclusive Launch of the Pulutan Bundle Brings Filipino Finger Foods to the Pi Network Community

Bitkada, the utility platform of the Pi Network, has recently announced an exciting collaboration that will delight food enthusiasts and fans of Filipino cuisine. Introducing the Pulutan Bundle, a delectable assortment of Filipino finger foods and appetizers now available for purchase exclusively on Bitkada’s website,, using the Pi Network native Coin.

Filipino cuisine is known for its vibrant flavors and unique combinations, and the Pulutan Bundle aims to capture the essence of this rich culinary tradition. “Pulutan” refers to a variety of savory snacks that are typically enjoyed alongside drinks, making them perfect for social gatherings and casual get-togethers.

Bitkada’s partnership with local Filipino food experts has ensured the authenticity and quality of the Pulutan Bundle. The bundle features a carefully curated selection of popular Filipino appetizers, showcasing the diverse flavors of the archipelago. Customers can expect an assortment that includes classic favorites such as crispy pork sisig, flavorful chicken inasal skewers, crunchy deep-fried lumpiang shanghai (spring rolls), and succulent pork barbecue.

By accepting the Pi Network native Coin as payment for the Pulutan Bundle, Bitkada aims to promote the use of digital currency in everyday transactions. The Pi Network, a decentralized cryptocurrency network, has gained significant popularity and adoption in recent years. With its focus on accessibility and user-friendliness, the Pi Network provides an ideal platform for expanding the reach of the Pulutan Bundle to a global audience.

Bitkada’s website,, offers a seamless and secure shopping experience for users looking to purchase the Pulutan Bundle. Customers can conveniently browse the available options, make their selection, and complete their transaction using the Pi Network native Coin. The Bitkada platform ensures that the process is user-friendly, making it accessible to both seasoned cryptocurrency users and newcomers alike.

This exclusive collaboration between Bitkada and the Pi Network demonstrates the growing acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies into various industries. By embracing digital currencies, Bitkada not only provides its users with a unique and delicious culinary experience but also contributes to the wider adoption of cryptocurrency as a viable means of transaction.

As the demand for diverse and international cuisines continues to rise, the Pulutan Bundle presents a tantalizing opportunity for food enthusiasts to explore the vibrant flavors of the Philippines. Through Bitkada’s integration with the Pi Network, this delightful assortment of finger foods is just a few clicks away for users worldwide.

Whether you are a Pi Network enthusiast, a lover of Filipino cuisine, or simply someone seeking a new culinary adventure, the Pulutan Bundle is a mouthwatering opportunity that showcases the fusion of traditional flavors with cutting-edge technology. With Bitkada’s commitment to delivering quality and convenience, the Pulutan Bundle is set to become a favorite among food lovers within the Pi Network community.

To embark on a flavorsome journey into the world of Filipino finger foods, visit today and indulge in the Pulutan Bundle, exclusively available for purchase using the Pi Network native Coin.

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