Bitkada Announces 50% Allocation of Pi Coin Generated Income to Charity in the Philippines

Bitkada, a leading online marketplace based in the Philippines, revealed its commitment to contributing towards education and livelihood support in the country. Bitkada has declared that 50% of the income generated from the sale of goods on its platform in the form of Pi coins will be dedicated to funding educational scholarship programs. The remaining 50% will be utilized to provide livelihood opportunities for numerous Filipinos. However, this ambitious plan can only be realized upon the launch of Pi on the open mainnet.

Pi is a digital currency that gained immense popularity in the Philippines for its innovative approach to cryptocurrency mining. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that require significant computational power, Pi allows users to mine coins using their mobile phones, making it accessible to a broader user base. As the Pi community grows, so does its potential to impact various sectors, such as education and livelihood support.

The decision to allocate 50% of the Pi coin generated income to educational scholarship programs reflects Bitkada’s strong commitment to the development and empowerment of Filipino youth. By investing in education, Bitkada aims to create opportunities for talented individuals who may otherwise be hindered by financial constraints. This initiative has the potential to transform lives, providing deserving students with the means to pursue their educational dreams and unlock their full potential.

Furthermore, the remaining 50% of the income will be directed towards supporting livelihood initiatives in the Philippines. Bitkada recognizes the importance of economic empowerment and aims to create sustainable solutions that uplift local communities. By investing in livelihood support, Bitkada seeks to provide opportunities for individuals to improve their economic conditions, thereby fostering a more inclusive and prosperous society.

However, the realization of these ambitious goals hinges on the successful launch of Pi on the open mainnet. The mainnet launch represents a significant milestone for the Pi network, as it transitions from a testnet environment to a fully functional and independent blockchain network. This pivotal moment will provide the necessary infrastructure for Bitkada to implement its plans and effectively allocate the Pi coin generated income towards educational scholarships and livelihood support programs.

Bitkada’s commitment to utilizing Pi coin generated income for social impact initiatives is a testament to the potential of cryptocurrency to drive positive change. By focusing on education and livelihood, Bitkada aims to create a lasting impact on the lives of Filipinos, starting with the Philippines and extending its efforts to the rest of the world.

As the launch of Pi on the open mainnet draws closer, anticipation builds around the realization of these transformative initiatives. Bitkada’s dedication to contributing to education and livelihood support is poised to set an inspiring precedent for the cryptocurrency industry and establish a blueprint for leveraging digital currencies to address societal needs.

About Bitkada

Bitkada is a prominent online marketplace based in the Philippines, connecting buyers and sellers through its user-friendly platform. Committed to driving social impact, Bitkada aims to leverage the power of cryptocurrency, particularly Pi, to fund educational scholarship programs and livelihood initiatives in the Philippines.

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