Binance Launchpad to Host Subscription-Based Token Sale for Open Campus (EDU)

Binance Launchpad has announced its latest project, Open Campus (EDU), which is set to launch its token sale using the platform’s subscription format. The recording of user BNB balances will start on 23rd April 2023, with the token sale lasting for five days.

The EDU token sale hard cap is set at $2.5 million, with a hard cap per user of $15,000. The total token supply for Open Campus is 1 billion EDU, with 5% of the total supply allocated to Binance Launchpad, equivalent to 50 million EDU. The public sale token price will be 1 EDU = 0.05 USD, with the price in BNB to be determined prior to subscription.

During the preparation period from 23rd to 28th April, user BNB balances will be calculated in hourly snapshots for each day over a five-day period. The final average daily BNB balance over these five days will determine the maximum amount of BNB that users can commit later on.

The subscription period will open at 6 am UTC on 28th April, lasting for three hours. Eligible users will be able to sign the Token Purchase Agreement and commit their BNB. Once committed, the BNB will be locked, and users will not be able to access any other functions, such as transfers, withdrawals, or trading until final token distribution.

Open Campus (EDU) is an exciting project that aims to bring a decentralized education platform to the masses. With a strong team and a unique approach, it is sure to attract significant interest from investors in the crypto space.

Overall, the launch of Open Campus on Binance Launchpad is a significant milestone for the project, providing it with the exposure and funding it needs to bring its vision to life. With the launch set to take place in just a few days, investors are encouraged to stay up to date with the latest developments and prepare accordingly.

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